Happy Birthday, Hef!

Today, April 9th, is Hugh Hefner's 85th birthday! I wanted to take this opportunity to wish Mr. Hefner a very happy birthday!

And while I'm here, I think it would be a great time to thank Hef for being one of the influences in the path that has shaped a little part of my life. Obviously, this little blog wouldn't be here without him and the beautiful Playboy Playmates and models that have come and gone. Like all horny teenage boys, I found Playboy and became a big fan. Hef and his legendary magazine inspired me to want to have my own magazine. As college came, instead of being a computer programmer or psychologist, I wanted to go the creative route and be a graphic designer. I still have that dream of changing the world like Mr. Hefner and creating my own magazine, but I am having fun doing what I am doing. I certainly would love to thank Hef for being a great influence.

And make sure you sign his birthday card!

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