Katie Carroll, Coed of the Week, January 4, 2011

Katie opens the new year of Playboy coeds. This cute blonde represents the Bruins of UCLA and gives us a little taste of the beauties of Westwood.

Photography by George Georgiou

Katie Carroll
School UCLA
Major English
Date of Birth August 3, 1989
Height 5'6"
Weight 120 lbs.
Measurements 34C-26-34

Playboy You're an english major. What's more important: good looks or good grammar?

Katie I look for the total package. I won't pursue a romance if a man has bad grammatical skills and can't write a coherent love letter.

Playboy What books do you keep on your nightstand?

Katie I keep a few novels by Beat writer Jack Kerouac like On the Road and, my personal favorite, Big Sur. My ideal guy can have just about any book by his bed--as long as he can read!

Playboy And how might a guy pry a book out of your hands when it's lights-out?

Katie One of my biggest turn-ons is men who wear glasses. If he puts on a pair of sexy reading glasses and starts reading my book, that's all I need!

Kaya Danielle, Cyber Girl of the Week, January 10, 2011

Kaya continues the great new year with her Cyber Girl title for this week. Coming from Santa Cruz, Kaya made her debut being featured in the Casting Call that was from my neck of the woods in San Jose, California. She could also be seen in the Special Editions' Natural Beauties. To me, Kaya epitomizes the Playboy girl next door, she's sexy, she's beautiful (those eyes and smile are amazing!), she's smart! What more can you ask for?

Be sure to follow Kaya on Twitter @RealKDanielle!

Photography by Mizuno

Kaya Danielle
Hometown Santa Cruz, California
Date of Birth August 5, 1990
Height 5'6"
Weight 118  lbs.
Measurements 34DD-28-38
Idle hands be damned, Kaya chooses to keep her schedule booked. "I am a workaholic," she says. "I'm self-motivating and have high standards, morals and great ambition." The German-Irish beauty started college when she was 14 years old—to have time to major in everything that interested her—then took on the world of modeling and acting. When it's time to veg out, Kaya likes to make popcorn and watch movies at home with her puppy. "When my energy spikes," she says, "I let it out on a great run, hike or go rock climbing."

Why I Pose...Amy Madison

The heart of the Playboy and Me blog has returned and the first edition of Why I Pose of the new year features an amazing lady that hasn't hit the pages of Playboy quite yet but I'm certain we'll see much more of her in the near future. I've known Amy Madison for a while now from the Playboy message boards and this chick has been dedicated and working her cute little tail off for what she wants!

Amy was happy to share why she chose to pose for Playboy. And don't forget to follow Amy on twitter @Amy_Madison!

Hi sweetie!

Interesting Article! Personally, I want to pose for Playboy because the women in it inspire me to be a greater person than I am. The show "The Girls Next Door" really introduced me, with an in-depth view, to the world of Playboy. I saw these smart, beautiful girls having this wonderfully fun experience with their involvement with the company. I wanted to be that happy and care-free in my own life and seeing the confidence these girls had in themselves and their bodies and looks, that was something I wanted!

I lost 60 pounds and got the bunny tattooed on my hip to celebrate and to promise myself to always be that happy and confidant in myself, and to promise to take better care of my health.

I think my story is part of a reason any girl would choose to pose. When I look at the beautiful women in the magazines and online I think "Wow, she is so beautiful! To have that kind of confidence in your body and looks to put yourself out there like that!!!" that's something many women lack, and they don't have the motivation to go after such a big dream like that. The magazine is entertainment for men, and inspiration for women.

Also the history. Everyone knows Playboy. Marilyn Monroe graced it's pages in the early days. The amazing interviews, the history of seeing young boys looking at centerfolds in many movies, the bunny it's self. Playboy is the definition of sexy and beauty. What woman wouldn't want to be a part of that?!

I think there are also a few women out there who want to do it for reasons outside of loyalty and respect for the brand. It looks good on a modeling portfolio to show you've worked with such a well-respected company as Playboy, you get paid (obviously), they an use it to get attention...that list can go on and on.

Hopefully this helps, and didn't bore you to death! Just my personal opinion!

hope you had a great day!!!

Cristy Nicole, Coed of the Week, December 28, 2010

This hot and spicy mama closes out this great year of coeds representing the Aggies of Texas A&M University. Cristy invites us to hop up on her bed and shows us what she's got!

Photography by Jose Luis

Cristy Nicole
School Texas A&M University
Major Spanish
Date of Birth April 23, 1992
Height 5'7"
Weight 115 lbs.
Measurements 32A-24-35
Playboy Spanish major, huh? What's your definition of "macho"?

Cristy Tall and muscular with big, rough hands. And while I love a man with a clean-shaven face I also love body hair. Drop the wax and razors, guys, and leave that sexy chest hair alone!

Playboy What career path will you follow after graduation?

Cristy I plan on becoming a high school Spanish teacher. I want to promote the importance of learning a second language and becoming more globally aware.

Playboy That's very noble. Are you equally dedicated to your studies?

Cristy Yes. I'm in the honors college so most of my time outside of class is spent with my nose in the books. But when I do get the chance to go out, I like to go dancing with my friends.

Hayden Hayes, Coed of the Week, December 21, 2010

Hayden leads us into the holiday break as the Playboy Coed of the Week, representing the University of Washington. This gorgeous Lady Huskie gets wet and lets us hop in the shower with her. Hayden was also featured in the Playboy Girls of the Pac-10 issue.

Photography by George Georgiou

Hayden Hayes
School University of Washington
Major Communications
Date of Birth January 26, 1989
Height 5'4"
Weight 113 lbs.
Measurements 32A-26-34
Playboy What's your favorite time of the school year?

Hayden Spring quarter during Greek Week. The frats throw many crazy parties, but the foam party is the most fun. Everyone shows up in their bathing suits and goes wild!

Playboy Tell us more.

Hayden There's this huge waterfall of foam. Everyone jumps up and down and starts running underneath it. Then people start dancing all over the place and making out in two big hot tubs.

Playboy That sounds like something to look forward to.

Hayden Last year I had one guy pick me up and start twirling me around. Lots of fun times at the foam party!

Stacie Marie, Cyber Girl of the Week, January 3, 2011

Stacie definitely rocks our world as she opens 2011 with a bang! This beauty is the first Cyber Girl of the new year and came to the Playboy world when she was featured in the Indianapolis Casting Call in October 2009. From there she's been featured in the Playboy Special Editions' Natural Beauties, which indeed she is!

Photography by James Banasiak

Stacie Marie
Hometown Indianapolis, Indiana
Date of Birth July 27, 1987
Height 5'6"
Weight 120 lbs.
Measurements 34D-25-37
Think you have what it takes to rock Stacie's world? "Pretty Boys" need not apply. The midwest wild child and aspiring massage therapist has an eye for musicians and fellows of the tattooed variety who appreciate a dinner date followed by a kick-ass concert. "I love bad boys!" Stacie says. "Guys who play guitar, ride a motorcycle and aren't afraid to get a little dirty are so sexy to me." With her triple-threat skills--pouring a mean cocktail at her evening job, working the knots out of tired muscles and hanging with the guys target shooting--you may find yourself unable to resist when Stacie wants to grab your attention. "I normally flash a big smile and just be myself," she says. "I'm not a diva. I love watching football and drinking beer!"

Layc Nicole, Coed of the Week, December 14, 2010

This cute Oregon Duck, Layc, comes to us as Playboy's Coed of the Week. Layc was featured in the magazine as part of Girls of the Pac-10. It'll be very likely that she will lead the charge as her Ducks take on the Auburn Tigers in the BCS National Title game.

Photography by George Georgiou

Layc Nicole
School University of Oregon
Major Business Marketing
Date of Birth November 13, 1986
Height 5'4"
Weight 107 lbs.
Measurements 34B-25-36
Playboy It must be fun to be an Oregon Duck these days.
Layc Oh yeah! After winning our Civil War game against Oregon State we clinched our spot in the national title game against Auburn. That weekend was amazing.
Playboy How did you celebrate?
Layc My friends and I went out and had a great time well into the morning. Go Ducks!
Playboy Have you always been a sports fan?
Layc I grew up around sports and I'm an athlete at heart. I may not look like it--I curled my hair for our state championship basketball game in high school, which we won--but I can get pretty competitive!

Karin Noelle, Cyber Girl of the Week, December 27, 2010

The adventurous Karin Noelle ends the year of 2010 Cyber Girls very beautifully. Karin was found by Playboy at the Casting Calls in New York in 2009 and has also had a Special Edition's S.E.X. feature in Playboy's Cyber Club. The very cute blonde shows off more of what she's got.

Photography by George Georgiou

Karin Noelle
Hometown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Date of Birth April 6, 1987
Height 5'1"
Weight 108 lbs.
Measurements 32D-23-31
Professional stallion wrangler Karin spends her days in the stable as a horse trainer and plans to one day own her own horse farm. Weekends are saved for exploring the great outdoors. "I love to ride horses and ATVs, race motocross, freestyle Jet Ski, go rock climbing and get muddy," Karin says. And what does she look for when it comes to wrangling stallions of the human kind? "Ambition and confidence, but a great body with lots of tattoos helps, too!"

Audrey Nicole, Coed of the Week, December 7, 2010

Audrey opens up the month of December beautifully as the Coed of the Week from Los Angeles City College. She's been featured on Playboy TV's Badass, as well as on Playboy's Student Bodies.

Photography by Josh Ryan

Audrey Nicole
School Los Angeles City College
Major Liberal Arts
Date of Birth November 13, 1986
Height 5'6"
Weight 105 lbs.
Measurements 32D-24-34
Playboy Is your major a good match for your personality?
Audrey I'd say so. I'm fun, open-minded and a dreamer!
Playboy What are you dreaming about right now?
Audrey A down-to-earth guy who is not afraid to be amazing to me. I'd return the affection!
Playboy Tell us how, exactly.
Audrey We'd spend a laid-back day at the beach, just the two of us, followed by an evening of rolling around in bed.

Mikaela James, Cyber Girl of the Week, December 20, 2010

Helloooo, nurse! Mikaela slips out of that nurse uniform and shows off her perfect bod as Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Week.

Photography by James Banasiak

Mikaela James
Hometown Chicago, Illinois
Date of Birth December 13, 1984
Height 5'8"
Weight 120 lbs.
Measurements 34C-24-36
The sexy nurse with intelligence and a provocative bedside manner is a rarity--or so we thought until we me Mikaela, a Lithuanian-born nursing assistant who is dedicated to her patients. She spends her off-call time shopping, traveling, and going to the gym. And when tending bar part-time at the local watering hole, she can be found using her best asset, her personality. "I've been told that as intimidating as I may appear, I'm very friendly and approachable," Mikaela says. "I'm sexy and a lot of fun!"

Happy New Year!

2011 is here! Hope you all had a happy and safe New Year! Thanks for all the support that made 2010 a good start! Playboy and Me is going strong and expect more to come!
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