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Why I Pose...Jessica King

The beautiful Jessica King shares with us why she chose to pose for Playboy. Jessica is a Playboy Special Editions model, who was featured in Voluptuous Vixens issue. She was also the Cyber Girl for the week of July 26, 2010.

You can see more of Jessica at her website or follow her on twitter @MissJessicaKing

Photography by Waldy Martens
Hey! That is the question of all questions! Playboy rocks that's why! haha...actually I loved it so much! When you kind of get into it, it becomes your family, and the people are all close. It's not just T and A, It's such a prestigious company...It's very classy, and if i can be apart of something that great, i want to be!

That answer your question?

Cheers hun!

Logann Brooke, Cyber Girl of the Week, November 15, 2010

Here is the quick return of the absolutely beautiful Logann! She was gracious enough to let me share her thoughts on the 'Why I Pose..." feature. Now she's back, looking as gorgeous as ever, as our Cyber Girl for the week of November 15. Get mesmerized by Logann's eyes and enjoy!

Photography by Arny Freytag

Logann Brooke
Hometown Oakley, California
Date of Birth March 19, 1990
Height 5'5"
Weight 108 lbs.
Measurements 34C-24-34
When Logann isn't modeling or reading the latest best seller, she enjoys discovering new restaurants. In fact, she wouldn't mind becoming a professional food critic. "I love food and I know good food," she says. While many of her dates begin with dinner at a new eatery, Logann keeps the sensual mood going after dessert. "Sharing a meal with a guy who knows what he wants in life, dancing to romantic music and talking late into the night, that's an ideal evening."

The Golden Ticket

So a few days ago I bought Playboy's December issue with the fabulous Kendra Wilkinson on the cover. This issue is a bit different because Playboy and Hugh Hefner is playing Willy Wonka and has put 10 golden tickets to party inside the Playboy Mansion in this month's issue. I think this is such a great idea! I would love to make a trip to my Mecca that is the Playboy Mansion! But, alas, I opened the issue and no golden ticket for me...yet!

Check out the details to Playboy's Golden Ticket at! Try you're luck!

Kristen Pyles, Cyber Girl of the Week, November 8, 2010

Simply by being her sexy self, Kristen easily makes us notice! This East Coast beauty continues November with a bang!

Photography by Ellen Stagg

Kristen Pyles
Hometown New York, New York
Date of Birth March 18, 1981
Height 5'7"
Weight 110 lbs.
Measurements 34B-24-34
"Simple is sexy," says Kristen. Case in point, she attracts attention just by being herself. "I like to flirt, I'm pretty social and fun. It's hard not to notice me!" Kristen describes herself as an unconventional rocker chick with an affinity for hard-working men who play hard, too. She's considering a career in sex therapy and gives this valuable advice: "Men should be adventurous, open and honest and pay attention to details. Sometimes, you gotta get dirty."

Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to send a special Happy Thanksgiving to all the models, readers, supporters and those that gave Playboy and Me just a little peek! Thank you all so much! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and yours!

Much love,

Jennifer Vaughn, Cyber Girl of the Week, November 1, 2010

Jennifer starts the month of November with more sexiness. This bad-ass chick shows us how sexy is truly done. She certainly rocks our world!

Photography by Jose Luis

Jennifer Vaughn
Hometown Houston, Texas
Date of Birth August 17, 1983
Height 5'7"
Weight 110 lbs.
Measurements 34B-24-34
"I often go to the local shooting range to brush up on my aim," Jennifer says. One thing's for sure—she's definitely not gun-shy about being as scantily clad as possible when she goes out on the town. "I love sexy little dresses and wearing no panties." And just when you think she couldn't get any hotter, she tells us more. "Having sex in public is thrilling!" Now that's what we call a parting shot!

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Nadia Marcella, Cyber Girl of the Week, October 25, 2010

Nadia closes out the month of October of Cyber Girls with a sexy set. This sultry beach bunny shows off her beauty for us. Here is Miss Nadia Marcella!

Photography by Gen Nishino

Nadia Marcella
Hometown Panama City Beach, Florida
Date of Birth October 12, 1988
Height 5'6"
Weight 125 lbs.
Measurements 36B-25-36
A beach babe with an optitude for business. Nadia plans on establishing a successful career as an entrepreneur. "You'll see me in Forbes someday," she predicts. For now, when she's not modeling or concentrating on her sales job, she relaxes by soaking up plenty of sun. "I also love to dance, so you can usually catch me out at a club shaking my groove thing." And whether she's taking a dip in the ocean, swimming laps in the pool or hopping in the shower, Nadia simply loves being all wet. "It's so sexy when my skin glistens from the water," she says. Truer words have never been spoken!

I Read It for the Articles, Only!

So, I finally got a chance to look over the redesigned Playboy project that I shared a few weeks ago. I read over what the concept was all about and it was not what I was expecting at all. It was going forward by going back to the original feel of the early days of Playboy of the 50s, 60s and 70s, where it was about sophistication and the gentleman. The bunny is then replaced by the sly fox, who has eaten the iconic bunny, and all that is left is the bow tie hanging from its mouth. But the bunny isn't the only thing that was taken by that fox. The beautiful, girls-next-door that ARE Playboy was said to be unnecessary. The models are what makes the magazine and the brand. Without them, Playboy is just another magazine that might not have survived 50-plus years. The concept of the new version of the magazine, was reading it for the articles and bringing back the gentleman.

I'm all for bringing back the feel and atmosphere of when Playboy was in its golden years of the 60s and 70s but it all 
circled the main focus, the Playboy Playmate centerfold. It wouldn't be the same without the beautiful girls. Sometime in the future, I hope to create my own magazine with substance.

Casey Lauren, Cyber Girl of the Week, October 18, 2010

Casey Lauren is an absolute cutie! This San Francisco Bay Area beauty is certainly my dream girl! She continues the great month of October for the Playboy Cyber Girls. I wouldn't mind making her my wifey! So I give to you, the beauty of Ms. Casey Lauren...

Photography by Arny Freytag

Casey Lauren
Hometown Walnut Creek, California
Date of Birth March 27, 1985
Height 5'2"
Weight 95 lbs.
Measurements 32C-24-32
"I have a very old-fashioned side to me that wants to be the perfect housewife," Casey says. But there's another side to hear that likes to spice things up in a modern way. "So many things can make me feel sexy," Casey explains. "A killer outfit, expensive shoes, getting my makeup done, a really good pedicure...I could go on forever!" Factor in the flexibility that comes from years of competitive gymnastics and cheerleading, and what man wouldn't dream of settling down with her?

Why I Pose...Maya Codina

Maya is an absolute stunner from Florida! She is a close friend of a former 'Why I Pose' featurette, April Katherine, and like April, Maya has taken the Playboy world by storm. She is featured on the Playboy Girls Network websites and had an incredible College Girls pictorial with fellow beauty, Sarah Pipkin.

Maya is a sweetie and wild chick that loves to show off her natural beauty. I know we'll see much more of her in Playboy! Make sure you follow Maya on Twitter @mayannaisexo!

Maya was one of the first models that I asked the question, why she chose to pose for Playboy. Much love and thanks to you, Maya! 

Maya Codina

Hey Albs!

Why did I pose for Playboy? I didn't dream of doing it at all, I just happened to stumble upon the opportunity.

But - I decided to take them up on the offer to pose because not only do I love to be naked, but I think the female body is a piece of art! I don't care if men use this pictures for other ways than what I would want them to, because I can't control that ya know? But I pose for playboy because I think the photos are artistic, and there is nothing wrong with bearing it all. The human body is beautiful! Women go topless in other cultures for their whole entire lives and it's not viewed as pornography or tasteless. It's their way of life. For me, being nude is a way of life. I sleep naked, I hang out in my room naked, I do so many things in the buff! If I could be naked all day every day for the rest of my life I definitely would!

I think some women choose to pose because they have low self-esteem or they want to feel pretty and sexy to men and use it to flaunt that, but if that is their reason, they are entitled to that.

Playboy is a brand that exposes women in tasteful ways that shows off their beautiful features in the best way possible! Why not appreciate what is beautiful? Did people scrutinize Madonna of the Rocks or Venus for being naked in paintings? Why is sculpture or live nude paintings any different than a picture with a beautiful background? Yes, Playboy has become a little more explicit over the years, but it is still beautiful pictures of the most beautiful women in the world!

Kayleigh Elizabeth, Cyber Girl of the Week, October 11, 2010

Kayleigh is owning the month of October right now! This sexy brunette is not only gorgeous but has one of the most incredible figures on the planet! I'm sure we'll get to see more of Kayleigh in Playboy in the future.

Make sure you give her a follow on Twitter @xoxoxkayleigh

Photography by Chernoff-Uhr

Kayleigh Elizabeth
Hometown Sugar Land, Texas
Date of Birth March 5, 1986
Height 5'1"
Weight 100 lbs.
Measurements 32DDD-23-34
"October is going to be an amazing month," Kayleigh says. She graced the cover of Playboy's October promotional issue and is excited about her invite to the Mansion's Halloween party where she'll meet Hugh Hefner. "Being a Cyber Girl is the icing on the cake!" Those sweet on Kayleigh should know she's into blue eyes and confidence on an older guy. And if you're lucky, she'll touch you. "If I'm interested in someone. I'll put my hand on their arm or leg," she says. "I like to be myself around that special someone and know that I'll be able to have fun with him, no matter what we're doing."

Why I Pose...Logann Bovard

The gorgeous Logann comes to us from around my neck of the woods in the lovely San Francisco Bay Area. She had recently went to a Playboy Casting Call in L.A. and the rest, as they say, is history. She is currently in the Playboy's Busty Babes site and we'll all get to see her this upcoming week as Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Week. Logann shares with us why she chose to pose and a bit of her experiences with Playboy.

Here's a double dose of the lovely Logann Bovard and why she poses...

I chose to pose for PB because I love who I am on the inside, and Im very comfortable with my body and nudity. Life is risky even when you think you're doing everything right, some times you still fail, so I would rather fail at doing something I want to do for me than to succeed at what majority of society thinks is acceptable. I have always wanted to pose for PB. I think to grace the pages along with all the other gorgeous models is a honor. I like that you asked why I chose to pose. There are those who make assumptions about why girls pose nude and majority is way off base and they base those ASSUMPTIONS off their own insecuity rather than ask us. I grew up with alot of love and respect from my male figures in my life(Dad,Grandfather,Step-father, and uncles). I was very blessed to have all them.I did not pose nude for male attention or approval, I have that. My family is 200% supportive of my decision and my mom is the one who took me the casting call in LA, because she knew I wanted this. My moms biggest regret was not posing due to what others would think. Today she has taught me about self approval and being ME! Not living for others approval, because no matter what you do you cannot please EVERYONE in life so please youself first. Being successful does not mean not making bad decisons or mistakes but how you respond, besides posing for PB this is something I wanted to do since I seen my first "Girls Next Door" show. The GND showed a different side to this industry, and it was positive. That is why the show was a success. Majority of the girls who pose for PB are talented, intelligent, goal driven, and kind. Being a PB Model is a stepping stone. The staff and Mr.Hefner are wonderful, and like a big family. I love what Mr.Hefner stands for. He is a genuine, kind man with a good heart. I love his love for animals, and how well he treats his girls.
I hope I answered your question. Feel free to ask me more. 
Logann Brooke Bovard XOXOXXO

Rhian Alise, Cyber Girl of the Week, October 4, 2010

Think of all the blonde bombshells and you get it all in Rhian Alise. Rhian starts off the October Cyber Girls with a big bang!

Photography by Jose Luis

Rhian Alise
Hometown Baton Rough, Louisiana
Date of Birth May 23, 1987
Height 5'2"
Weight 112 lbs.
Measurements 34D-24-36
"Sex should be a two-way street," says Rhian. "I try to make my partner happy and go the extra mile to be his personal fantasy." Rhian, a poet and avid poker player, likes guys who are humble, shy and strong and know how to find balance in the bedroom. "Lots of kissing and touching is very important. Don't always feel like you have to take the lead—make the woman want you sometimes."

I Swear, I Read It for the Articles

Being an art student, I get to see most of the great work of the other students around the campus building. Walking around, I found one that redesigned the Playboy identity. It gives a new twist to the iconic brand. The tag line for the new vision is 'Read It for the Articles'. It's a little weird not seeing the bunny, which is synonymous with the word Playboy. Despite the new look, its aim is to go back to its roots: great content and to reach the gentleman bachelor, which is something that I would definitely love to see.

(I will see if I can take more quality pictures of these.)

Rachel Lorraine, Cyber Girl of the Week, September 27, 2010

The month of September closes out with the absolutely gorgeous Rachel Lorraine. Rachel is like a breath of fresh air as she shares her beauty with us.

Photography by Arny Freytag

Rachel Lorraine
Hometown Los Angeles, California
Date of Birth January 15, 1989
Height 5'5"
Weight 110 lbs.
Measurements 34D-24-34
After finishing her Women's Studies degree at UCLA, Rachel plans to go for a Master's in psychology. Her appearance in Playboy's Girls of the Pac-10 feature piqued her interest in modeling, though—so will her looks win over books? "I love posing so I hope to work hard at that and really kick butt," she says. "And I love being naked so I'm sure there will be more of that in my future!"
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