Why I Pose...Logann Bovard

The gorgeous Logann comes to us from around my neck of the woods in the lovely San Francisco Bay Area. She had recently went to a Playboy Casting Call in L.A. and the rest, as they say, is history. She is currently in the Playboy's Busty Babes site and we'll all get to see her this upcoming week as Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Week. Logann shares with us why she chose to pose and a bit of her experiences with Playboy.

Here's a double dose of the lovely Logann Bovard and why she poses...

I chose to pose for PB because I love who I am on the inside, and Im very comfortable with my body and nudity. Life is risky even when you think you're doing everything right, some times you still fail, so I would rather fail at doing something I want to do for me than to succeed at what majority of society thinks is acceptable. I have always wanted to pose for PB. I think to grace the pages along with all the other gorgeous models is a honor. I like that you asked why I chose to pose. There are those who make assumptions about why girls pose nude and majority is way off base and they base those ASSUMPTIONS off their own insecuity rather than ask us. I grew up with alot of love and respect from my male figures in my life(Dad,Grandfather,Step-father, and uncles). I was very blessed to have all them.I did not pose nude for male attention or approval, I have that. My family is 200% supportive of my decision and my mom is the one who took me the casting call in LA, because she knew I wanted this. My moms biggest regret was not posing due to what others would think. Today she has taught me about self approval and being ME! Not living for others approval, because no matter what you do you cannot please EVERYONE in life so please youself first. Being successful does not mean not making bad decisons or mistakes but how you respond, besides posing for PB this is something I wanted to do since I seen my first "Girls Next Door" show. The GND showed a different side to this industry, and it was positive. That is why the show was a success. Majority of the girls who pose for PB are talented, intelligent, goal driven, and kind. Being a PB Model is a stepping stone. The staff and Mr.Hefner are wonderful, and like a big family. I love what Mr.Hefner stands for. He is a genuine, kind man with a good heart. I love his love for animals, and how well he treats his girls.
I hope I answered your question. Feel free to ask me more. 
Logann Brooke Bovard XOXOXXO


  1. Great Blog, Stunning Logann is wonderful!

  2. Hi Logann, as your sponsor, just wanted say that u look beautiful in these shots....Good for you posing for PlayBoy.....

  3. Logann,
    You are a beauty...congrats!:))


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