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The heart of the Playboy and Me blog has returned and the first edition of Why I Pose of the new year features an amazing lady that hasn't hit the pages of Playboy quite yet but I'm certain we'll see much more of her in the near future. I've known Amy Madison for a while now from the Playboy message boards and this chick has been dedicated and working her cute little tail off for what she wants!

Amy was happy to share why she chose to pose for Playboy. And don't forget to follow Amy on twitter @Amy_Madison!

Hi sweetie!

Interesting Article! Personally, I want to pose for Playboy because the women in it inspire me to be a greater person than I am. The show "The Girls Next Door" really introduced me, with an in-depth view, to the world of Playboy. I saw these smart, beautiful girls having this wonderfully fun experience with their involvement with the company. I wanted to be that happy and care-free in my own life and seeing the confidence these girls had in themselves and their bodies and looks, that was something I wanted!

I lost 60 pounds and got the bunny tattooed on my hip to celebrate and to promise myself to always be that happy and confidant in myself, and to promise to take better care of my health.

I think my story is part of a reason any girl would choose to pose. When I look at the beautiful women in the magazines and online I think "Wow, she is so beautiful! To have that kind of confidence in your body and looks to put yourself out there like that!!!" that's something many women lack, and they don't have the motivation to go after such a big dream like that. The magazine is entertainment for men, and inspiration for women.

Also the history. Everyone knows Playboy. Marilyn Monroe graced it's pages in the early days. The amazing interviews, the history of seeing young boys looking at centerfolds in many movies, the bunny it's self. Playboy is the definition of sexy and beauty. What woman wouldn't want to be a part of that?!

I think there are also a few women out there who want to do it for reasons outside of loyalty and respect for the brand. It looks good on a modeling portfolio to show you've worked with such a well-respected company as Playboy, you get paid (obviously), they an use it to get attention...that list can go on and on.

Hopefully this helps, and didn't bore you to death! Just my personal opinion!

hope you had a great day!!!

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