Alexandria Kingsbury, Coed of the Week, March 12, 2011

Alexandria lights up the room as the Coed of the Week for the second week of March. This cute blonde with the amazing smile steps up to the bar and shows us what she's got!

Photography by Jarmo Pohjaniemi

Alexandria Kingsbury
School Broward College
Major Psychology
Date of Birth December 14, 1989
Height 5'7"
Weight 113 lbs.
Measurements 34C-23-34
Playboy Sigmund Freud: thoughts?

Alexandria I wrote a paper on Freud last week and I agree with his theory that says we dream about things we would truly like to do in our everyday life.

Playboy Has studying psychology changed your relationships at all?

Alexandria My friends are...let's just say "entertaining," and now I understand why. As for my sex life, it's going to take more than a class to change my ways.

Playboy Do you work a job when you're not in school?

Alexandria I actually have two jobs. One is at Hooters and the other is at a pizza place where I work with my sister and brother. My family is amusing—I'm one of five kids. We're more entertaining than the Kardashians.

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