Why I Pose...Laila Rose

Here is why the very sexy and very real Laila Rose aka Aisha Jamal chose to pose for Playboy. Laila is a definite Playboy veteran. She's been featured in the Playboy Cyber Club as Coed of the Week and a Real American Girl. And lately, Laila was featured as the Barmate in the April 2011 issue of Playboy. Make sure you check out more of Laila at her website and follow her on Twitter @Laila_Rose!

Photography by Zachary James Johnston
Hey Albert,

Here's my answer:

I chose to do Playboy on a whim. A friend suggested that I submit some cell phone pictures that I had taken for my then deployed hubby so I did. I'd always wanted to be a model but I'm too short for fashion and my boobs are pretty amazing so I figured I might as well go for it. A couple weeks later I was out shooting for them.
I love being in control of my sexuality. I think people put so much significance in the naked body which I think is pretty lame...we're all animals when it comes down to it and the female body is a beautiful thing.
Although doing Playboy has opened a lot of doors for me, it still frustrates me how non-progressive their magazine is. It blows my mind that they continue to showcase the same cookie-cutter type girls, yet expect to not lose any significance. Playboy should feature women more representative of the American population, and by not doing so they're really missing out. Any white girl can dye her hair, put on pounds of makeup and get implants...it's really a shame that they continue to showcase the same look, all styled the same way. I guess I'm starting to rant now...but getting back to your original question, I did Playboy because I wanted to. I don't base my actions on what I think will get me the most approval. I do what I want and I love it. Plus it's always fun to watch how quickly men turn into boys once they find out you're a Playboy model!
You can use my answer in your blog as long as you don't change any of the content!! I hate being taken out of context or misquoted lol


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