Vivian Keys, Coed of the Week, April 28, 2011

Vivian and her flawless bod gets showed off very well as Playboy's Coed of the Week. Vivian ends the month of April and gets Spring on its way! The sun's coming out and Vivian's ready to show off more!

Photography by Mizuno

Vivian Keys
School Santa Monica College
Major Business Marketing
Date of Birth September 9, 1988
Height 5'4"
Weight 109 lbs.
Measurements 34C-25-37
Playboy How do you stay fit and avoid the Freshman 15?

Vivian I work out with my trainer three days a week and watch what I eat. Fortunately, I'm not a big junk food fan. I love to eat veggies and fruits—fresh, light and I don't feel guilty afterward.

Playboy What's the best part of being a single coed?

Vivian I can do anything I want! I'm very flirty and I don't have to worry about a boyfriend. I like to focus on time for myself and go out with my friends on the weekends.

Playboy So what does a guy have to do to get you to flirt with him?

Vivian I'm very attracted to guys who introduce themselves with a low voice and make a great first impression. Complimenting me is important, too. Those things make me think about them again at the end of the day.

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