Why I Pose...Jamie Bradford

I have featured Jamie quite a few times here on Playboy and Me. And for good reason too! Jamie is another model that I've known from the Playboy message boards. I remember seeing a picture of her with barely any make up on and thinking that she was one of THE most beautiful women that I've ever seen! She has indeed gone far with Playboy, being one of the finalists for the 55th Anniversary Playmate, named Cyber Girl of the Week and subsequently, the 2010 August Cyber Girl of the Month. And I know she'll go even further!

Here is Jamie's response for why she chose to pose for Playboy!

Photography by Lisa Boyle
Interesting article, Albs.

Here's the deal...I've had very mixed reactions from the people I love about it. My mom was shocked...as I have always been pretty nerdy, done well in school, and had one boyfriend my whole life (who is now my husband)...but she supports me. My husband's family thinks I'm awful and immoral. This is what I have to say...

I'm not a 100 lb. perfect body. I really am a real girl and I try to look my best by being as healthy as I can. I chose to pose for Playboy initially on a whim...thought I should do something outside my comfort zone...and it wasn't until after I did it that I truly evaluated why...I believe that in comparison with ALL the other nude magazines, Playboy is the classiest and they portray nudity very tastefully. I'm never made to do anything I'm uncomfortanble with, and I think Playboy does make a strong effort to include many different types of models and really celebrates women and their beauty in many forms. I feel good about most of the photos and I think they help me appreciate myself.

I think as long as everyone does it for the right reasons, there's nothing wrong with it. I don't think everyone does it for the right reasons, and I do think for some it is the attention or low self esteem, but not everyone.

Hope that helps.

Take care,

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