Laura Lynn, Coed of the Week, January 25, 2011

Join sexy Laura as she kicks butt in the game room as Playboy's Coed of the Week. This beauty closes out the beautiful month of January and makes you want more.

Photography by Jared Ryder

Laura Lynn
School Oregon State University
Major Pre-Nursing
Date of Birth February 25, 1991
Height 5'2"
Weight 100 lbs.
Measurements 32C-25-34
Playboy Why did you choose nursing as a major?

Laura I've always wanted a career in medicine. Nursing is one of the only choices in the field that doesn't require being in school for most of my 20s and I want to be able to enjoy my 20s, not spend them in the library!

Playboy How do you have fun when there's so much work to do?

Laura Sunday through Wednesday I'm a book worm. Thursday through Saturday I'm a party girl. It's usually a pretty good balance, except for dead week and finals week. Partying is fun, but I'm in school to learn, so no going out if I'm swamped.

Playboy Is sexy nurse fantasy overhyped?

Laura Sorry guys—totally overhyped. Think about it: Nurses wear scrubs, not short white dresses with a silly little hat. That would be so inconvenient when you're trying to take care of sick people. Scrubs are practical but by no means flattering.

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