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This is a very special 'Why I Pose...' post that features the one and only, Miss March 1978, Christina Smith! Christina is one of the few Playmates that have gotten back to me and really appreciate the time she took to respond back. It is great to hear from the women who posed for Playboy in the golden years of the 60s and 70s. It was a different time but Playboy is still an icon!

I've gotten to know Christina the past few years and she is indeed a classic beauty and an incredibly cool lady!

Christina Smith

Photography by Arny Freytag
Hi Albs!

As a Playmate in 1978 I decided to apply to be a Playmate and I was fortunate Playboy and Hugh Hefner thought of me as Playmate material.

Just a note, a Playmate is not just a "perfect body" "bimbo". To be a Playmate you are interviewed along with being photographed. A Playmate is considered a powerful representative of Playboy and we represent the company in the way we look, the way we speak, and the way we conduct ourselves. We are sent out on "autograph" promotions and we are interviewed on the radio, the TV, and in the newspapers.

There is a hugh responsibility that goes along with being a Playmate. We don't own our photos after they are taken and they can be reproduced and used for Playboy's purposes as long a Playboy, Inc. exists but I am always thrilled when Playboy (Hugh Hefner) republishes my photos.

I have never had second thoughts about being a Playmate and I never will. Over 30 years gone and I still have "fans" and autograph sales, a friendship with Playboy and Hugh Hefner. The status of Playmate is a great ego boost, yes, but also, Hugh M. Hefner is one of the kindest, most gentle men I have ever met. He welcomes me; remembers me; and gives me an audience when ever I ask.

Respectfully Submitted,
Christina Smith
Miss March 1978

P.S. I really can't give voice to current day Playmates. I don't know any.

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