An Open Letter to All Playboy Models

Dear Ms. Beautiful Playboy Model,

How have you been? I hope things have been going well. So, I have a question for you. I had recently found an article from when Playboy was going through the west coast to find the Girls of the Pac-10. And of course, as you might know, when Playboy comes to visit, out comes the praise as well as the critics. The article was from the Oregon State University newspaper, the Daily Barometer, and was written by a nursing student. She asked the question, why do women choose to pose for Playboy? However, she looked at it from kind of an anti-Playboy view. I wanted to answer it from not only the middle but even the Playboy fans point of view. And what better way than to ask those who really know, the beautiful ladies that have actually posed and more than likely do have a reason why they posed for Playboy. So, I ask the same question to you, why did you choose to pose for Playboy and why do you think women choose to pose? It would be great if you could help. Thank you so very much!


P.S. You may respond back by comment or email, Thanks again!

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