Me and Playboy

Playboy and I go way back. Not only for the boobs and butts, although those were a couple of good reasons for being a fan, but Playboy is a brand, a culture as well as a lifestyle. In my early teens, I was curious. Then, in my late teens, I became a fan. And finally, as I approach my thirties, a connoseiur. From the website to the message boards to the Playmate signings, I was and still am into everything Playboy.

I remember being in grade school and hearing of my friends going to the public library, right next door to the school, and taking out an issue of Playboy, going off into a corner and looking through its pages. In high school, when the internet finally entered our family home, I delved into the Playboy website, searching for the Playmate centerfolds, from the centerfolds of the golden age of the magazine to the Playmates of today. I found old-school beauty, Cathy St. George's centerfold, Baywatch beauty-turned-Playmate, Donna D'Errico, and my favorite Playmate of all-time, Miss February 1995, Lisa Marie Scott. I certainly was captivated. Not only by the most beautiful women in the world, but by the brand, the culture of Playboy.

In my college days, I would search out where the Playmate signings would be around the San Francisco Bay Area. I drove up to the city to meet and greet the very beautiful Miss April 2000, Brande Roderick, who signed her own issue for me. A few years later, I attended the 50th anniversary Playmate search party in downtown San Francisco. It was fun to meet and chill with some of the girls next door.

I got lost in the Playboy history and how Mr. Hefner started the magazine in Chicago with only $600 plus borrowing $6000. I emersed myself into the Playboy Philosophy. Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner and his Philosophy influenced me tremendously. In some way, they steered me to the creative route. I wanted to create my own magazine. I wanted to create my own philosophy. I wanted to change the world just as Mr. Hefner had done. And I still do.

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