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This blog began just as a little blog post for my personal blog, That Humble Swagger. That post, which hasn't been finished quite yet, was inspired by an article that asked the question, why do women choose to pose for Playboy? The article was written by an Oregon State University nursing student, who I felt wrote it from a 'traditional' feminists' point-of-view and didn't get the perspective of those who can really answer the question that she had asked. Who better to answer the question of why than the girls who have actually posed for Playboy? I knew that most of them had a good reason for why they had posed.

Being a member of the Playboy message boards for almost six years, I kept coming back for the simple fact that there are more than a few models that come to chat there. I certainly had access to what she didn't have. I felt that it was a great idea to take advantage of that, reach out to the models and ask them why they chose to pose for Playboy as well as why they think women choose to pose.

I messaged every model that I could and got a great response from those that got back to me. I wanted to get a good mix of models' perspectives, from the young newcomers of the Casting Calls to the veteran SE models to the Playmates of yesteryear. I also went to a few Playboy employees, photographers and connoisseurs. I consistently got a great response from the new models that came by the boards. Also a couple of classic Playmates from the 1970s sent me back a message. With about less than 50 responses back, I thought it would be great to reach out to the other Playboy models that don't have access to the message boards. I know I'll get similar answers along with very different ones. As I was doing my research, those answers that I received back for why they came to Playboy led to many other questions regarding the girls, the brand and the magazine. There was more to the questions than just why. So I thought it would be fun to create this little blog to reach out, find and share these models' thoughts.

I certainly have had fun interacting with the models and have really enjoyed doing the research. I'd love to share my adventures with all of you. And so, I give the world...Playboy and Me.

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