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April was one of the first models that I went to and she was more than happy to help me out. I just recently featured April in last week's Highlights of the Week and as I said then, she is taking the Playboy world by storm! At the beginning of the year, she attended the Orlando Casting Call and was one of twelve featured in the Playboy Cyber Club from that Casting. A few weeks after that, she got a call from Playboy and was on her way for her first photo shoot with Playboy. She has been seen in the Playboy Girls Network and I'm sure it's not the last that we'll see of her!

I have had a lot of fun doing the research to find the answer to the question, why do women choose to pose for Playboy? I went to each and every model that I could find and introduced them to the article that inspired me to start this project, and asked them two questions, why did you choose to pose for Playboy? and why do you think women choose to pose for Playboy? So, here is the response from the beautiful April Katherine in my first 'Why I Pose' feature.

April Katherine

Photography by Lisa Boyle
I personally feel that every woman wants to feel as if they are the most Beautiful woman in the world! When I say this, its not that simple. A woman may know she is Beautiful but not in the eyes of the world. Beauty is MUCH more than just looks...its personality, class, spirit, charm, sexiness and even more than that. Playboy is KNOWN for featuring The Most Beautiful Women in the world. Yes, one may have bigger hips, but her wisdom or personality may Shine above all perfect sized hips! We are all given a body of Art, which should be recognized. If you have to confidence to present yourself infront of the entire world Naked, You arent hidding your fears; you're Pure, Real and Powerful!! And you can be all of those with clothes on but I think it is excentuated more in nakedness..

All the extra things such as, traveling, meeting new people, being treated special, etc those are all great! Those are the rewards of chasing your dreams and conquering them!!!

I hope this helps you understand where I am coming from...Remember every girl is different and may have a different response. However this is what I feel in my heart and hope one day I will be given the honor of becoming Playmate...Not only Playmate,but the first Playmate to share the same name as the month she is featured. Hence- Miss April 2011, April Katherine.

Xoxo April Katherine

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