What Sort of Man (Still) Reads Playboy?

I recently found an article titled, What Sort of Woman Reads Playboy?, about a Playboy connoisseur, Peggy Wilkins. (This is a great article that I will definitely feature in the near, near future.) Anyway, that title got me thinking, do women, and men for that matter, still read Playboy?

I guess for me, it goes a little bit deeper, being a graphic designer and a big fan of the print industry. With technology taking fast flight, we have seen newspapers and quite a number of magazines take a hit. People have gone to their computers and even their smart phones to get their news and information, to read articles and to find their favorite Playboy models. Even me, a great lover of print, has been seduced by my iPhone and have strayed from my beloved magazines. Not only that, but being a Playboy fan, I had bought every issues since 1999 until I missed buying a few issues this year. I wonder if I am just content with going to the internet and being a member of the Playboy Cyber Club and the message boards. The Cyber Club not only has the Playmates but even more models and get to converse with them through the message boards. I feel I am content with reading their tweets and blogs, and getting that behind-the-scenes scoop.

But when I bought the recent Auguest issue and seeing the old-school influence with Mad Men's Crista Flanagan on the cover, that love of the print and that love of having the magazine in my hand came back. Back in the day, Playboy was filled with great articles, interviews and fiction. Although the magazine's content isn't as great as it once was, it goes on strong because of the brand. The Playboy brand is still relevant today. Of course, we won't know if the magazine will still be a part of the brand in the future, but I do hope it will be.

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