Chelsea Brooke, Coed of the Week, June 9, 2011

Chelsea is stunner with killer eyes and is all over the Playboy world. Not only is she a Coed of the week, but has been featured in the pages of Playboy Special Editions, on the screens of Playboy TV, and a favorite on the web cams of Playboy Live!

And of course she's all over the social media scene with a blog, a website, and making a splash on Twitter, @ChelseaBrookeP!

Photography by Mizuno

Chelsea Brooke
School Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
Major Merchandise Marketing
Date of Birth December 4, 1991
Height 5'0"
Weight 101 lbs.
Measurements 32C-24-32
Playboy Is your school's student body primarily female?

Chelsea It is a fashion school, so it's about 90 percent female. The girls are all very creative, stylish, free-spirited and, of course, sexy.

Playboy That remaining 10 percent is a lucky group of men.

Chelsea Most guys at FIDM are gay. The straight guys are completely brilliant for enrolling in a school filled with beautiful women.

Playboy How do you manage to stay focused on your studies?

Chelsea One of my best girlfriends, Playboy model Tierra Lee, also goes to my school. We try and do our homework together while we work on Playboy Live.

Playboy Teamwork! What are your post-graduation plans?

Chelsea I hope to develop an e-commerce site for beauty and fashion retail, and open a chain of healthy fast food restaurants. I go to a fashion school, but ultimately my degree is in business and marketing. I can conquer the world.

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