The Real Power of Women

What makes a famous, multi-millionaire athlete 'allegedly' take inappropriate pictures of himself and send it to a woman? Or the greatest golfer in the world cheat on his gorgeous wife repeatedly? Or a late-twenty-something Super Bowl quarterback risk his career by hanging out in a college bar? Honestly, I have no real answers to these questions, but what all these examples have in common is that these men have absolutely everything that someone would want—fame, money, and power—but put all of those things on the line and chance losing everything. And for what? All for women. Sexy, beautiful women.

So who has the real power? The men who are looked at as heroes and have the media and their fans eating out of the palms of their hands or the women who have our so-called heroes eating out the palms of their sexy, beautiful hands. From these few examples and some of my experiences, women can turn us men stupid. They can get us to do some pretty dumb things. I know at some point of our lives, we've all done something stupid in the name of love.

The Stunning Jenn Sterger

But there's a difference between doing something in the name of love and doing something in the name of lust. Doing things in the name of love can give you all you want in life. But doing things in the name of lust can take that all away. Brett Farve is the latest in the long line of men that have done stupid things for women and he certainly won't be the last.

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