Why I Pose...Brittany Ireland

Brittany is a sweet, beautiful girl who splits her time between southern California and Chicago. She had attended the Chicago Casting Call a few months ago. And now, she's one of the girls of Playboy Live! She loves to travel the world, working out, going green and meeting new people from all walks of life!

Don't forget to check out Brittany on Playboy Live, Monday through Friday, 10pm-2am EST!

Brittany Ireland

I think that is a great question and I am glad you asked me and wanted to find out. I posed for two reasons to continue to empower women to be comfortable with their bodies and two in hopes to become a playmate one day. I have always grown up with the notion that the women of playboy are international beautiful sex symbols but people tend to forget that they are quite intelligent and business savvy in their own right. Many use their fame from playboy to branch into other areas of entertainment as well as educate young girls about the power and strength of being "ok" with their bodies. Playboy does promote fit and in shape women but i think at the end of the day with the way to reader is changing their definition of what is beautiful i believe playboy has and will continue to adapt. I am happy i posed and have always been comfortable with my body and have no problem showing the beautiful creation god made. Hey back in the day and in certain parts of the world people walk freely naked and posed around and what not among other things!

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